Welcome to Navy Legal Service Office Northwest!
This blog is dedicated to keeping US Navy servicemembers and family members of the Pacific Northwest informed about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Eligible servicemembers are entitled to free legal assistance from our experienced attorneys. Please review the information available on this site, and if you have additional questions or concerns, set up an appointment in any of our three offices located in the Northwest.

Check back often for updates and new information regarding your legal rights!

Information on this website should not substitute qualified legal advice from one of our competent attorneys!! Also keep in mind that the information on this website does not necessarily reflect the views or position of the United States Navy.

Northwest mission is to provide quality legal services and counsel in support of the operational readiness of Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard commands and eligible individuals in the NLSO Northwest’s area of responsibility in a prompt, courteous and professional manner. The types of services available from the NLSO Northwest are Defense and Legal Assistance.

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-You participate at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for your comments, your username and any information provided.

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You are encouraged to quote, republish or share any content on this page on your own blog, Web site or other communication/publication. If you do so, please credit the command or the person who authored the content as a courtesy (photo or article byline can be U.S. Navy or MC2 Joe Smith, for example).

Thank you for your interest in and support of the men and women of the NLSO Northwest.

For more information visit the DoD Social Media user agreement at:


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