Important information on Dependents’ Education Assistance

Veterans Benefits Administration Newsletter, Vol. 1 Issue 8

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides educational assistance to the spouse or dependent children of Veterans under certain circumstances. One of the following eligibility requirements must be met to receive this benefit:

**The spouse or child of a servicemember or Veteran
who died of a service-connected disability,
has a permanent and total service-connected
disability, or died while such a disability existed.

**The spouse or a child of a servicemember listed
for more than 90 days as currently Missing in
Action (MIA), captured in the line of duty by a
hostile force, or detained or interned by a foreign
government or power.

**The spouse or a child of a servicemember who
is hospitalized, or is receiving outpatient care or
treatment for a disability that is determined to
be totally and permanently disabling, incurred
or aggravated due to active duty, and for which
the servicemember is likely to be discharged
from military service. Benefits must be used within
eligibility timeframes.

Spouses of Veterans have 10 years from the date they become eligible, or the date of the Veteran’s death. Children must be between the ages of 18 and 26 to receive education benefits. Spouses of servicemembers who died while on active duty have 20 years to use their education benefits.

Surviving spouses lose their eligibility if they remarry before age 57, or if they are living with another person who has been held out publicly as their spouse. Eligibility can be regained if the remarriage ends by death, divorce, or they cease living with the other person. Dependent children do not lose educational benefits if the surviving spouse remarries.

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