Support for Dependent Departures Coming from Japan

In response to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck the northeast coast of Japan, Navy has issued an authorized departure for dependents and will be providing assistance for their transfer to the approved safe haven.

Where is the “safe haven?”
The Department of State has designated the continental United States as the approved safe haven location for this authorized departure. Families wishing to evacuate to Hawaii or Alaska may be approved on a case-by-case basis by Principle Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness) (PDUSD(P&R)) via Navy’s Pay and Benefits (N130) office.

What Entitlements and Allowances Are Available For Families?
 Per Diem
Transportation expenses and travel per diem are authorized from the time the family departs through the time they reach their safe haven.
 Escort Allowances
Travel and transportation allowances are payable to a person who travels under an official travel authorization as an escort for a dependent who is incapable of traveling to the safe haven alone, due to age, physical or mental incapacity, or other extraordinary circumstances.
 Housing Allowances
Sailors whose dependents are evacuated will continue to be paid their dependent housing allowance while they remain in private sector housing at their permanent duty station.
 Pet Transportation
Families are authorized transportation to the safe haven up to two common household pets (to include quarantine fees).
 Personally Owned Vehicles
Although shipment of POVs are not authorized as part of this evacuation, a $25/day, per family, local travel allowance will be authorized to partially off-set the expenses incurred for required local travel at the safe haven.
 Household Goods Shipping
Unaccompanied baggage and HHG needed for the dependent’s comfort and well-being may be transported at government expense.
 Family Separation (FSA)
Sailors will be entitled to FSA once their family evacuates.

Financial Support
For questions regarding allowances, travel advances or travel vouchers, Sailors should contact the Travel Processing Center-Hampton Roads, VA (TPC-HR) to obtain information specific to their circumstances by calling (866) 239-0303 or by sending a fax to (866) 708-6985.
The allowances described in this pamphlet are not all inclusive and does not contain all the stipulations required to receive them. Contact the TPC-HR for information about your specific circumstances.

Healthcare Support
To ensure continuous care, TRICARE is establishing a waiver of the usual referral requirements to prevent enrollees from incurring point of service charges. For further info visit

Online Support Tracking

The Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) is available for Navy members affected by this authorized departure. All Sailors or family members should utilize the NFAAS site at to ensure the Navy can track and assess support requirements for all parties affected.

Lost or Damaged Property Claims
Due of the temporary nature of this evacuation, families submitting claims now to the Office of the Judge Advocate General for lost or damaged property may be doing so prematurely. However, if they believe a claim is warranted at this time, they are asked to visit for more information.

For immediate assistance please call: 360-471-1336

Important Resources:

Authorized Dependent Departure Allowances

Family Departure Pamphlet (19 MAR)


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